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Termoncanice Primary School & Nursery Unit, Limavady

Our Learning

The School Curriculum

It is the policy of the Board of Governors and staff of Termoncanice  Primary School and Nursery unit to provide every child with a broad and balanced education. This will be done in keeping with the requirements of the Revised Northern Ireland Curriculum and in keeping with the children’s age and ability. Within the curriculum provision is made to address:

The 6 areas of learning relevant to the Nursery Curriculum:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Physical Development and Movement

Language Development and Literacy

Mathematical Development and Numeracy

The Arts

The World Around Us

The 7 main areas of study in the Primary Curriculum:

Language and Literacy

Mathematics and Numeracy

The Arts (Music, Drama, Art)

The World Around Us (Geography, History, Science and Technology)

Personal Development and Mutual Understanding (focusing on emotional development, social skills, health, relationships and sexuality, educational and mutual understanding in the local and global community)

Physical Education and Personal Development

Religious Education

Through the effective delivery of the Revised Curriculum we aim to develop the children’s...

... Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities

(Thinking, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Self Management, Working with Others, Managing Information and Being Creative)

.... Cross Curricular Skills

(Communication, Using Mathematics, Using ICT)


Class Organisation

Teachers organise their classes in a variety of ways to meet the individual and collective needs of the class. These include:

  • Whole Class Teaching
  • Group Work
  • Paired Groupings
  • Individual Work

The chosen approaches will depend on the:

  • Needs of the pupils
  • Nature of the topic
  • Availability of resources
  • Safety aspects in regard to the materials being

This varied approach is designed to maximise the learning experiences and opportunities for our pupils.


Special Educational Needs

Every effort is made to help pupils with learning difficulties/differences  and at present, Mrs Harron (assisted by other teachers) provides a programme of additional support for the class teachers of such pupils.  For pupils with a Statement of Special Educational Needs, EA may employ a classroom assistant in certain cases.